Why Eddie Robinson refused to obama bro hug deion Sanders?

Why Eddie Robinson refused to obama bro hug deion Sanders?

Alabama State head coach Eddie Robinson Jr. was not happy with Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders after losing to the Tigers 26-12.

Coach Robinson expressed his feelings for Coach Prime in Alabama State’s post game press conference

I thought it was a lot of disrespect the whole week, and so you’re not going to be disrespectful the whole week in the media,” Eddie Robinson said.

“We didn’t talk in the pre-game. I was out there the whole time at the yard line. He walked through our whole huddle on our end zone and came a long way around and get to his side of the field in the pregame thought that wasn’t classy at all. And so in a post game, I’m not about to give you that Obama “bro hug”. I’m going to shake your hand and I’m going to go on. I’m going to always be respectful. I respect the game.”

Eddie Robinson continued by giving praise to the JSU program but still expected better respect from Deion Sanders.

“I’m living on a shoulders of the SWAC. He ain’t SWAC. You know I’m SWAC and he ain’t SWAC. He’s in the conference doing a great job, I can’t knock that. It’s a great team, his son should be up for the Heisman Trophy. I love Shedeur he’s a great player. I love what he’s doing for the conference. He is probably one of the best things we had since Steve McNair when he was in there. I love all of that but you’re not going to come here and disrespect me and my team and my school and then want to do a “bro up” shake my hand and get the hell on.”

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