Months After Deion Sanders Inked Mammoth $29,500,000 Deal, His QB Son Shedeur Looks to Set NIL Record With $3,800,000 Projected Season Earnings

Months After Deion Sanders Inked Mammoth $29,500,000 Deal, His QB Son Shedeur Looks to Set NIL Record With $3,800,000 Projected Season Earnings

Shedeur previously held a NIL valuation of $1.3 million, but his bizarre debut changed it all in a matter of days. According to On3, the 21-year-old’s price went over $2.5 million after the game that brought him massive fame overnight. Hence, as per the new estimate, Deion Sanders’ son has surpassed Peyton Manning’s five-star QB nephew Arch Manning, in projected NIL earnings for the coming year.

Shedeur Sanders’ Projected NIL Valuation Shoots Up

According to On3, three-star QB Shedeur Sanders recently became the highest NIL-valued football player. The only student-athlete above him in the ranks of NIL 100, is LeBron James’ son Bronny James who sits at the top with a staggering $6.1 million. However, with the massive rise in Shedeur’s fame after just one game, it’s yet to be seen if his rank changes later in the season.

After becoming an overnight sensation, Shedeur surpassed Peyton Manning’s nephew by a huge margin. Arch Manning as of now, sits at the fourth rank with a NIL valuation of $2.9 million, but a whopping 99.53 rating compared to 89.16 of Shedeur. Furthermore, the next Colorado player on the list is Travis Hunter with $1.8 million in NIL valuation.

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Shedeur, with this massive increase in his valuation, might actually fetch more dollars than what many NFL players get as base salaries. Surprisingly, Shedeur’s $3.8 million projected earnings are nearly $2.8 million more than Joe Burrow’s base salary of $1,010,000 and $2 million more than Dak Prescott’s $1,700,000 base salary.

Deion Sanders’ $29,500,000 Colorado Contract

It appears like the Sanders have mastered the art of sports business. Shedeur’s 192% hike in NIL valuation comes just months after Deion Sanders‘ $29.5 million five-year Colorado deal. The deal, at that time, appeared to be a big gamble for the Buffs but now that the team is seeing massive results, it looks like the deal was a big steal.

The Buffs reportedly signed Deion without having the money to pay for it. But with the help of the fans, Buffs collected million in donations. Colorado is now seeing the Prime Effect which the Buffaloes believed in from the start. Furthermore, it is not just Shedeur who is bagging huge NIL money from the Sanders family. Shilo’s valuation has reached $546,000, after the game. Now it is to be seen how much their valuation grows as Colorado is looking stronger than ever before.

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