He Just Pushed Him Off to the Side”: Deion Sanders Details When TCU OC Snubbed His Son Shedeur in High School Camp

He Just Pushed Him Off to the Side”: Deion Sanders Details When TCU OC Snubbed His Son Shedeur in High School Camp

Deion Sanders, through his Colorado debut, has made it very clear that he means business with the Buffs. In fact, what made the win even better is his son Shedeur’s outstanding display of strength and agility against a strong unit like TCU. However, as per Coach Prime, a huge reason why Shedeur did so well, is because the young QB had a chip on his shoulder.
An electrifying 510-yard performance by Shedeur truly left the TCU defense reeling. The Buffs eventually enjoyed a memorable 45-42 upset in Fort Worth. As it turns out, in his recent appearance at ‘The Pat McAfee Show’, Coach Prime revealed that Shedeur had to prove what he is to TCU OC Kendal Briles, with whom he shares a ‘not-so-delightful’ history.

Coach Prime said that during the camp, Shedeur felt brushed aside and overlooked by the offensive coordinator. He said to Pat Mcafee“When we went to a camp of the offensive coordinator that we just played against, he didn’t pay Shedeur any attention. I don’t think he even barely spoke to him. He just pushed him off to the side.” After the camp, Shedeur said to Deion Sanders, “Dad, we’re not coming back here ever again.”

Shedeur was ever more determined to prove himself and make a statement against Briles and TCU. This was quite evident during his debut game. Coach Prime made it clear that his son remembered the incident from the camp vividly and was motivated to perform exceptionally well, which is exactly what he did.

Shedeur Sanders is gaining widespread attention, not only because he is the son of NFL legend Deion Sanders, but because of his performance for the Buffs in the season opener against TCU. Apart from fans, NFL executives believe he has the potential to become a first-round NFL quarterback.

Colin Cowherd, on his podcast ‘The Volume,’ said after witnessing the debut of Shedeur that he reached out to two NFL executives to gauge their opinion on the young quarterback’s future. “I text two NFL Executives during that Colorado win and I asked the question – Am I nuts or do we have another first round quarterback in the NFL? And both executives said the same thing. His release and his accuracy and touch were A++. Deion Sanders’ son is a first round NFL quarterback; I’m almost sure of it,” Colin stated.

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