Deion Sanders Is Changing The Economics Of Colorado Football

Deion Sanders Is Changing The Economics Of Colorado Football

Deion Sanders is the talk of the college football landscape after he led Colorado to a massive victory over the weekend. But he spent the entire offseason and summer in the spotlight while getting accustomed to his new digs, and changed the financial outlook for the university’s football program before his team even took the field.

Colorado Is Seeing A Financial Swing Thanks To Deion Sanders

You could have attended every Colorado home game last year for $222.

But the get-in price for this Saturday’s game against Nebraska is $476.

Colorado also gained 147,000 new social media followers this weekend.

Deion Sanders is worth every penn

Those numbers have changed even more drastically after the overcoming the 20+ point spread in Week 1.

It starts with the most obvious and available number: ticket prices. Last year, when Colorado was at rock bottom and the team finished 1-11, you could have attended every single home game for a total of $222. For this Saturday’s home opener against Nebraska, the cheapest ticket (get-in price) currently stands at $476. Figuring out the math on the increase in revenue on a single game is enough to make a head spin.

The team’s social media following saw a massive increase over the weekend as well. There had been added interest that had trickled in over the summer, but an influx of 147,000 followers came to Colorado’s social accounts after Saturday’s big win, further increasing exposure for the university.

Odds Affected By Big Win, Too

The money will continue to flow in as long as the success is sustained. There was plenty of doubt about whether Sanders would be able to turn around a program that was one of the worst Power 5 schools that we have seen in some time in 2022. While it is a small sample size, it seems that he has not only turned things around, but it didn’t take him very long to do it.

Saturday’s win was big for the team itself and the players that made it happen. The Buffaloes were a 7.5 point underdog for their Week 2 game before the season started, a number that dropped down to 3.5 when they won on Saturday. By Monday night, Colorado was the outright favorite by 2 points.

Their star players are getting Hiesman recognition as well. Both Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter began as long shots to win the award, but they both find themselves within the top-12 for shortest odds after just one week of play.

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