Hot answer needed true/false  Coach Prime reacts to criticism over Colorado players entering portal

Hot answer needed true/false

Coach Prime reacts to criticism over Colorado players entering portal

Only a handful of players from last season’s 1-11 team remain on Colorado’s roster.

New head coach Deion Sanders has essentially purged the Buffaloes in an attempt to free up scholarship spots for a long list of transfer portal players from across the country. This has been done in college football before, but never — at least to my knowledge — to the extent Coach Prime has done since arriving in Boulder.

The unfortunate side of Colorado’s rebuild has been saying goodbye to several faces that fans grew to enjoy. In reaction, some people have even expressed concern about the number of players leaving.

However, Sanders warned us this would happen, and he remains confident in the impact transfers expected to soon commit.

Below are a few tweets and videos detailing what Coach Prime has been saying regarding the past few days of portal madness:

I called Coach Deion Sanders and asked him about the recent transfers from Colorado, He told me: “You should be able to tell by the white cowboy hat I wore in the spring game that this isn’t my first rodeo, we coming.”

Deion Sanders told Pat McAfee today, “We already know what we got coming in. Y’all just don’t know what we got coming. … They probably at the airport right now.”

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