Following the latest “devastating” failure, Perez establishes Red Bull’s demand.

Perez arrives at the Brazilian Grand Prix Sprint weekend after a devastating DNF in front of his adoring fans in Mexico. Will he be able to bounce back and clinch a formidable outcome in the Red Bull race?

   Sergio Perez stresses the importance of a powerful performance at the São Paulo Grand Prix following his disappointing, non-finishing race in Mexico.
In a devastating blow for Perez, the Red Bull driver suffered a crash at the opening corner of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, causing him to fall even further behind Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes in the battle for second place in the F1 Drivers’ standings. This unfortunate incident unfolded right in front of Perez’s loyal fanbase, adding to the heartbreak and disappointment.

   Perez had been making an effort to overtake Charles Leclerc from Ferrari on the outside of Turn 1. However, he found himself in a predicament with no space to maneuver as Max Verstappen was on his inside. As a result, Perez’s front left wheel collided with the RB19’s rear right wheel of Leclerc, who hails from Monaco.
The conclusion was filled with sadness, marking the end of a weekend of progress for Perez. With a 20-point difference between the Mexican and Hamilton as they approach the Brazilian Sprint weekend, a weekend of resilience becomes crucial.

   The primary attention is directed towards the F1 Drivers’ standings.
Perez expressed, “Mexico was a devastating experience for me. However, in this sport, unforeseen circumstances can occur, and dwelling on what could have been is not an option.”

   My utmost desire was to emerge victorious in my home race, above all else. However, that aspiration has been relinquished, and now my undivided attention is devoted to securing a second place finish in the Championship.
I am positive about our current capability to achieve great outcomes as we plan to spend a fantastic weekend in Brazil.
Last weekend, it seemed like all the pieces were falling into place as we continued on our chosen path. I am now feeling much more at ease behind the wheel, and the collective efforts of the team and myself are starting to yield positive results in terms of both setup and performance.

   Brazil presents a completely distinct challenge compared to Mexico. Nonetheless, it remains an enjoyable track where we have the chance to score points twice this weekend. Although setting up for Sprint weekends is challenging, we aim to make the most of this opportunity.

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