Deion Sanders doesn’t get involved with ‘actual coaching’ for Colorado

Deion Sanders doesn’t get involved with ‘actual coaching’ for Colorado

Deion Sanders doesn’t get involved with “actual coaching” while at the helm of the Colorado football program — that’s at least the wild accusation levied Coach Prime’s way by someone notoriously pessimistic on all things “Prime Time,” Mike Farrell Sports’ Scott Salomon.

“Instead of actually coaching and working harder to make his linemen better, Prime wants to kick them to the curb, just like he did most of the 2022 returning players, and bring in recruits and transfers that probably have no better skills than the players he has now,” Salomon said of Coach Prime’s criticisms of the Buffs offensive line. “What does this say for the offensive line coach that he hired? Perhaps it’s time for him to start coaching.

“The Prime way to address things is to bring in new bodies and send the other bodies down the street. That’s not coaching and that’s cruel. This endeavor should require actual coaching, and we know that Prime does not get involved with that. He is more of an Ambassador for the University and the City of Boulder than he is an actual football coach.”

Coach Prime is not responsible for Colorado football offensive line’s struggles

Salomon made one solid point during his typical Deion bashing: Buffs offensive line coach Bill O’Boyle is being spared during Coach Prime’s criticism of a position group he is supposed to have prepared. Not holding O’Boyle accountable is easier than blanket blaming the entire OL, but it doesn’t make it right.

Other than that, though, blaming the OL’s struggles on Coach Prime is a fool’s errand. Deion is all defense, and what he does know offensively revolves around where the quarterback is looking to throw and what routes receivers could run to get open.

Perhaps Coach Prime could use methods that aren’t straight scare tactics, but it’s certainly a stretch to say he’s the reason his son is being hit repeatedly by opposing defenses.

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