The stewards in Mexico have cleared Verstappen and Hamilton, along with others. Some are unlucky

After committing infringements during the qualifying round of the Mexico City Grand Prix, six drivers were summoned to appear before the stewards. The decisions regarding their cases have been taken and finalized.

    Four of the Formula 1 drivers summoned before the stewards in relation to multiple incidents during the qualifying session of the Mexico City Grand Prix will face no additional consequences.
George Russell, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Logan Sargeant, and Yuki Tsunoda were summoned by the stewards due to accusations of breaking the rules.
Russell, Verstappen, and Alonso received a call regarding potential violations of Article 37.5 of the Sporting Regulations for impeding other cars in the pit-exit during Q1.

   During their investigations, the stewards discovered that the drivers’ backing up was primarily caused by the minimum lap time imposed between the two Safety Car lines, which was implemented by Race Director Niels Wittich.
The stewards observed that drivers have to fulfill conflicting demands. They are obliged to abide by the minimum time, yet they strive to maintain feasible distances from the cars in front of them and prevent unnecessary halts at the pit exit.
In acknowledging the conflicting demands, Wittich pointed out that all parties reached a consensus: having cars potentially stacking up in the pit-exit is preferable to the hazards posed by “significant variations in speed” on the track.

   Despite acknowledging the desirability of resolving the pit-exit issue, the stewards decided not to pursue any further actions.
Regarding the yellow flag violations by Hamilton, it was determined that he had slowed down in the mini-sector compared to his previous lap and that the light panel remained unlit during two intervals of the yellow flag.

   In another place, Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo faced a penalty of €500 for exceeding the speed limit in the pit-lane by 4.1kph.
unfortunately, Sargeant and Williams did not have the same fortune.

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