In a distressing turn of events, Sergio Perez’s hopes for the Mexican GP were shattered as his race quickly transformed into an absolute nightmare.

The catastrophe unravelled on the very first lap with an unfortunate crash, forcing Perez to retire prematurely.
The Red Bull driver was forced to withdraw from his home Grand Prix in Mexico City.

Lap by lap The Mexico City Grand Prix.
Sergio Perez was determined to adopt an assertive approach in his native race, fully aware that he was competing in front of his fellow countrymen at the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix.
Unfortunately, within a few seconds of commencing the first lap, the situation quickly transformed into a horrifying ordeal when he unexpectedly crashed into Charles Leclerc, causing his vehicle to elevate and ultimately land in the gravel trap.

   Despite the Red Bull team’s efforts to rescue the RB19 in the pits, their attempts were futile, resulting in the car’s withdrawal from the race.
Sergio Perez found himself caught in an unlucky moment, but it cannot be ignored that Lewis Hamilton played a role in the situation as well.
In what ways did the incident benefit Hamilton?

   Despite experiencing a loose front wing-plate on Charles Leclerc’s car as well, it is undeniable that Sergio Perez endured the severest consequences.
After a promising beginning, it should be noted that he started from fifth position and successfully matched the pace of both the Ferrari driver and Max Verstappen, who eventually claimed the top spot.
Perez and Leclerc come into contact
Despite limping, Perez is no longer competing in the race.

   Max started the race in third position, trailing behind the Ferraris. However, in an exhilarating opening lap at the Hermanos Rodriguez track, he surpassed them all and seized the top spot.
Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver, is currently in pursuit of securing the second position in the Formula 1 Drivers’ World Championship.
Prior to the Mexican Grand Prix, he was trailing Perez by a mere 39 points. Following Perez’s untimely departure in the opening lap at Guadalajara, Hamilton now has an opportunity to considerably narrow the distance between them.

   Sergio Perez’s eyes welled up with tears as an overwhelming sadness consumed him, a depth of emotion he had not shown in many years. Upon reaching the pits, he was visibly distressed as the team attempted to fix his car, only to discover it was an insurmountable challenge.

   Sadly, this regrettable incident has brought an end to his impressive two-year record of consistent podium finishes at the Mexican Grand Prix. Throughout this period, he had secured two third-place positions. Moreover, this incident has also raised uncertainties about his future with Red Bull.

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