Max Verstappen is in favor of a rule that would limit Red Bull’s usage of wind tunnels.

Due to their outstanding performance in the Constructors’ Championship, Red Bull has allocated less wind tunnel time than their rivals.

Max Verstappen expressed his belief that Red Bull’s limited wind tunnel testing time in comparison to their competitors is actually advantageous, considering their ongoing achievements.

   According to the regulations of Formula 1, teams that achieve higher positions in the Constructors’ Championship are allotted reduced development time for the upcoming campaign.
Red Bull clinched both last year’s standings and the title for this season, emerging as the ultimate victors.

This year, the wind tunnel allocation was further reduced due to breaching the 2021 budget cap.
During the recent United States Grand Prix, Red Bull emerged victorious with Max Verstappen leading the way, despite facing fierce competition from Mercedes and McLaren throughout the thrilling race.

   The performance of the Milton Keynes-based squad is raising speculations that rival teams are starting to catch up.
Verstappen recently spoke to media outlets, including, expressing his curiosity about the pecking order for next year while acknowledging the limitations imposed on Red Bull.

   He mentioned that currently, they are in the process of catching up, and it will be fascinating to observe the positions of each individual at the inaugural race next year.
When your team is leading, less wind tunnel time is allocated – those are the rules. To be honest, in my opinion, I believe it is accurate and acceptable.
“It is beneficial for the sport.” The competitiveness for the upcoming year will only be determined with time.
Fortunately, the rules remain unchanged. No matter what you do at this moment, you are still gaining knowledge.

   In my opinion, regardless, you are gaining valuable knowledge for the upcoming year. So, it’s not as if you are completely focused on this year and then abruptly have to rebuild for the next year. ”

   In his words, Verstappen also commended Mercedes for their approach of comprehending their existing car rather than just splurging resources on their future contender.
He stated that what Mercedes is doing to comprehend their car better is absolutely accurate.

   However, simultaneously, we are also focusing our efforts on the upcoming year.
We are making ongoing efforts to enhance the current package we have.

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