In Week 9, the Colorado football team is facing off against UCLA, and these are specific areas of concern that need to be addressed.

The NCAA may place more significance on Colorado’s popularity rather than its performance on the field.

The fans are eagerly wondering how Colorado will bounce back from the Stanford setback. As the Buffs gear up to face the UCLA Bruins this Saturday, this question occupies everyone’s thoughts.
Can we expect a similar outcome this season as we saw in 2018, when the Buffaloes couldn’t recover from their homecoming defeat to Oregon State? Or has CU transformed under the leadership of head coach Deion Sanders? Personally, I believe in the latter scenario. However, that doesn’t mean this week will be any easier. In order to achieve their goal of reaching bowl eligibility, Colorado must defeat another formidable opponent, UCLA, who is currently ranked.
My biggest concern regarding Colorado’s Week 9 journey to the Rose Bowl is as follows:
Did the second half against Stanford really happen or was it just an abnormal occurrence?

Stanford does not possess commendable team prowess. Week 8 witnessed an impressive demonstration of dominance as the Bruins convincingly defeated the Cardinal with a resounding score of 42-7. Colorado seemed to be headed towards a victory over Stanford with a comparable score as the Buffs established a commanding 29-0 lead. Afterwards, the latter portion unfolded.
The Colorado offense found itself in a stagnant position, while the defense proved futile against Stanford’s relentless attacks. Throughout the year, we have witnessed the Buffs’ defense allowing an abundance of points and yards. However, it was truly unexpected and unsettling to witness their offense falter just as badly. Could this be a foreshadowing of what’s to come for the rest of the year? Hopefully not.

Is it possible for Colorado to prove Vegas wrong yet again?

Las Vegas has been haunted by CU throughout this season. When the Buffs find themselves in the underdog role, they consistently keep the game closely contested and emerge victorious. The games become unexpectedly close when they are considered as favorites. Once more, the Buffs find themselves up against a substantial point spread. Will they persist in swimming against the current?

In simple terms, UCLA poses a significant threat as a team.

Chip Kelly has demonstrated exceptional skills in constructing this iteration of the Bruins. With an exceptional defense, the team is currently achieving victory. Additionally, they possess a highly skilled yet untested quarterback named Dante Moore, whose involvement in this week’s game remains uncertain.

Can the Buffaloes manage to integrate all their elements into a cohesive performance throughout an entire game? The Buffaloes will become nearly invincible once they manage to deliver an exceptional performance across all aspects of the game. Similarly, the reverse is valid as well. As the Buffaloes experience extended periods of lull during their games, skepticism towards them will grow.

The Buffs should expect improved healthiness with the bye week, particularly with the potential return of right tackle Savion Washington as the standout. Nevertheless, when players make a comeback, two major worries persist: the possibility of rustiness and the risk of re-injury. Travis Hunter appeared to be in his usual form on offense during his comeback game against Stanford.

   However, on the defensive end, he appeared to be slightly less agile, showing signs of being a step slower than usual.

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