Fans demand Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo to retire after D-Backs advance to World Series

Russo said he will retire both on the spot as the D-backs advance Chris Russo vowed to retire if D-backs reach World Series … Chris Russo vowed to retire if D-backs reach World Series MLB.

   Marte party: Arizona star sets record for consecutive postseason games with a hit MLB. Matja Mack reaction to losing $43 million as the Houston Astros miss the World Series The Arizona Diamondbacks upset the Philadelphia Phillies and advanced to the World Series after winning Games 6 and 7 of the NLCS in a road series where they showed great flexibility, clutch hitting and pitching, mostly in the outfield. However, there was someone who hoped that the Diamondbacks would fail to finish his career line after he said he would retire on the spot if Arizona made a comeback and made it to the World Series against the Texas Rangers: Chris Mad Dog Russo

   Russo said he would retire on the spot Russo said on his radio show that he will go when the Diamondbacks won the Citizens Games 6 and 7; Bank Park, the thing that finally happened when Arizona received its second pennant in franchise history.

   These were the words of Russo I was wrong about Arizona from day one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win tonight [6. game] but I would be confused. And I’m going to say it, and Bob Raissman, write it down, if they win the next two games and this streak in seven games — if they win, I’ll quit right now.
   Chris Russo Will Mad Dog keep his word? Now, after the Diamondbacks surprised everyone and clinched their spot this year and in the Fall Classic, fans are taking to social media to demand that Chris Russo honor his word and stop the live broadcasts. Currently Mad Dog himself did not say whether he remained faithful to his words or was just bluffed after he said he was retiring.
   Chris Russo is a polarizing figure in sports media, as he is known for his abrasive style and fiery demeanor, which sometimes turns fans into fans; eyes rolling.

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