Why Everyone in the locker room Loves Texas Longhorns QB Maalik Murphy

Texas must turn to either Maalik Muprhy or Arch Manning after Quinn Ewers was injured in the win over Houston.

   The Texas Longhorns will take the field against BYU on Saturday with a new quarterback behind center after Quinn Ewersand#039; sprained AC joint against Houston. They have two viable options at running back, and second-year signal caller Maalik Murphy is the first choice based on what Steve Sarkisian told the media on Monday.

   The California native has been behind Ewers on the depth chart all season and has seen time in two games this season. He earned this role thanks to his excellent performance in Longhornsand#039; spring game While many fans are calling for five-star Arch Manning to get the nod if nothing changes during the week, it should be Murphy.

   Something backed up by third-year defensive end Michael Taaffe, who praised Murphyand’s hard work while speaking to the media recently. andquot;Yes, the first one in the building is the last one out,andquot; Taaffe said. andquot;I think everyone would say the same. One of the hardest workers in our team.

   You know, I think his confidence knowing that he can make every shot on the court is really, really cool.andquot; andquot;I think the other thing is that the whole locker room loves him. I think everyone in the locker room would say they have a personal relationship with Maalik and that’s really cool. You know, people don’t like good, but good is just you know, this is a positive guy and everyone is attracted to him and wants to be around him and be his friend.

    Texas Longhorns Safety Michael Taaffe watches the game against Oklahoma State Whether it’s Murphy or Manning on Saturday, ESPN still has Texas at 17.5 and ESPNand#039’s prediction gives the Longhorns a 94.9% chance to win.

   Sarkisian and company also spent time tweaking the game plan and aligning it to the Murphy and Manning pan. With Ewers out for an undisclosed amount of time and is week-to-week, Texas and#039; The Big 12 title and College Football Playoff hopes now rest on the shoulders of one of the two young men who have yet to be formally inducted to college.

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