Top ten fullbacks from 2023

Top ten fullbacks from 2023

With the off-season comes the usual troupes.

Talk of expansion, the divisions talk, player movements and of course post-season rankings.

Today we’re here to focus on the rankings. More specifically, the NRL fullbacks rankings from 2023.


Please keep in mind that these rankings are based only on 2023. Both NRL and Origin performances will be taken into account. Not specifically who is the best fullback outright.

Before we start, I’m going to take a moment to answer some of the usual questions to appear in the comments to any sort of rankings.

Do I even watch football? Yes, every game.

Are my eyes painted on? No. That would be funny though.

Who am I? Just a fan.

With that said, below are the top 10 NRL fullbacks based purely and totally on 2023:

The South Sydney number one only managed 16 appearances in 2023, but they were in impactful 16. He edges William Kennedy out here by the slightest of margins.

Nine tries, 12 try assists, 94 tackle breaks and 127 metres run per game illustrate his importance to this Bunnies outfit.

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