Deion Sanders has a hilarious response to Travis Hunter saying he is broke

Coach Prime doesn’t want to hear that from the Buffs two-way star The Colorado Buffaloes are back from the holiday weekend with coach Deion Sanders asking his team what everyone has been up to during the downtime.

There wasn’t much excitement until Coach Prime said he went to the country and bought some side-by-side ATVs and #039; One of the Buffs players in the back of the CU meeting room asked how much they were getting paid. Sanders said andquot;twenty-something,andquot; which spawned the andquot;Nevermindandquot; Answer by Travis Hunter. Head shot back andquot;You got NILand#039;s, you get it.andquot;

Hunter said “I and#039;m broke.andquot; Sanders then said he liked the response and told the Buffs players to make sure they practice the line with their families. Hunter was rested in Boulder after the first game after returning from a damaged liver. Colorado’s two-way star played well in Friday’s No. 13 loss to Stanford.

He had 13 catches for 140 yards and two scores. He also had five hits in the second half. Colorado will look to bounce back against No. 23 UCLA this weekend in the Rose Bowl.

They find themselves in a position where they need two wins to qualify for a bowl. This will be the final trip of the Buffs to California as a member of the Pac-12. Showed Saturday’s match on ABC at 7:30 p.m. IN.

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