What Deion Sanders plans to do if the players do not return in time

According to Deion Sanders, the lockers will be cleaned out if the players do not return in time

Coach Prime expects the Buffs to rest and relax during the bye week, but it’s better to get back on time The Colored Buffaloes are enjoying a well-deserved rest this week.

   They will gather in Boulder on Sunday morning before preparing for UCLA No. 25. Deion Sanders was very blunt with his players about what happens if they arrive late when they return from the break.

   He explained the process when he visited Lance Armstrong in his office last week. “We practice on Sundays. So they have to come back Saturday night,” Sanders said, via Reach The People.

   They know if they’re one minute late, their closets will be cleaned.” Colorado is coming off a historic tough loss to Stanford two weeks ago. Sanders took it personally and vowed that the Buffs would bounce back in the final five weeks of the season.

   He told Armstrong and his family that he slept in his office after double time with the cardinal on Friday the 13th. Sanders’ commitment to excellence at CU is truly unparalleled.

   Colorado heads to Pasadena to face 25th-ranked UCLA on Oct. 28. That’s another selling point for Sanders and the Buffs. They will also be shown on ABC next week. This is part of the “Prime Effect” program in full swing.

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