Scouting Report: Josh Allen’s designed rushing attempts way down through six weeks

Scouting Report: Josh Allen’s designed rushing attempts way down through six weeks

When the Bills run

The numbers back up the feeling that Josh Allen is running a lot less this season. Through six weeks, Allen has attempted just six designed rushes, according to FTN Fantasy. That is just 5% of Buffalo’s designed rushing attempts – way down from 18% in 2022. It is worth questioning whether that has been an overcorrection of sorts. It was smart of the coaching staff to limit some of Allen’s rushing attempts, but taking it totally out of his game isn’t a good idea, either. James Cook is averaging 5.7 yards per carry, which ranks 10th in the NFL, but the Bills, surprisingly, gave Latavius Murray the start last week at running back. That could have been in response to a poor game by Cook against the Jaguars in Week 7. The Patriots aren’t easy to run against, allowing just 3.4 yards per carry. EDGE: Even.
The Patriots are a blitz-heavy team, doing so on 31.2% of opponent drop backs, according to FTN Fantasy, which ranks fourth most in the NFL. Against the blitz, Allen is completing 66% of his passes, with three touchdowns. This is a game where the pass will have to set up the run. New England plays a lot of man coverage, so this should be another game where Allen looks Stefon Diggs’ way a bunch. Diggs had a crazy 55% target share last week. He has been Allen’s intended target this season 33% of the time, putting up 100 yards in five of the Bills’ six games. New England runs man coverage 31% of the time, according to FTN Fantasy, and Diggs has a 37% target share against that coverage. EDGE: Bills.

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