F1’s reluctance to enter offered a “mystery” – Andretti Michaelw

Andretti is ready to open commercial talks with Formula 1 after his offer was accepted by the FIA.
   Michael Andretti does not know why Formula 1 teams do not want to support his planned participation in the Grand Prix, calling the opponent a “secret”. After evaluating bids from potential teams, Andretti was the only candidate deemed worthy by the FIA ​​to reach Stage 3 of the process, which begins negotiations with the commercial rights holder (CRH) on financial terms. But CRH, which is Formula 1, and the 10 existing teams have been largely lukewarm during the process, worried that Andretti would reduce the prize money available at the start if approved.

   Andretti is at the US GP this weekend and reveals that the team has already built the car to 2023 specifications for wind tunnel testing, as he also explained what the team plans to bring to the Grand Prix. hat It’s kind of a mystery to me. You know why? Why do they push back? You know, they say we cut the pie. But I think the point is that hopefully we bring in more than we take out. And we really think that you look at the fan support and all the research that’s been done and the things that we think we’re going to add to it, not take away from it. I want to get “It’s kind of a mystery to me why they’re pushing away,” Andretti explained to Sky Sports F1.

   They say we’re taking a slice of the pie, but I think the thing is hopefully we’re bringing in more than we’re taking out. “We really believe that if you look at the fan support and all the polls, we’re adding [to Formula 1 income], will not take it away. Part of the reluctance of Formula 1, and teams in particular, to Andretti’s offer is that if a team entered the grid, the prize pool would be divided between 11 instead of the current 10, which means a smaller share of the income to begin with. with .

   The teams now see themselves as “franchises” that have become financially stable as a result of the rules, with Williams boss James Vowles particularly opposed to the idea of ​​new teams. When asked about Vowles’ attitude, including that there are only so many sponsors, Andretti dismissed the idea.

   “Enough to write about,” he explained. “If we can help raise the popularity of the United States from where it is now, many companies that are not currently in this series have already contacted us and are quite interested if we can get permission to talk with us, so I do not agree with that .”

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