Colorado’s top transfer “came back too soon” from injury.

   According to Mike Farrell Sports’ Scott Salomon, top Colorado football transfer Travis Hunter “came back too quickly” from liver damage caused by a foul hit by Colorado State DB Henry Blackburn on the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 class.

   Hunter played too much, came back too fast and Prime did it to win the game,” Salomon wrote. “Plain and simple. Prime wanted Hunter to be ‘LIKE ME’ or be like Hunter through some alternate time machine. Hunter has talent like Prime but expecting him to play 140 times in his first game after nearly destroying a vital organ is ridiculous.”

   Salomon explained this by saying that Deion Sanders was wrong to assume that the players loved the game as much as he did; a stretch considering he’s not firing anyone if the Buffs win. “When is Prime going to find out that he’s retired and that he’s not going to make 85 scholarship players work as hard as he did as a professional athlete? Not all of his players are going to love football like he does. Not everyone has the football. ability to do the things that Player Prime has , Salomon’s foreword said: “And at this point, Coach Prime refuses to acknowledge it and work together to fix it.

    Travis Hunter was arguably the driving force behind the return of Colorado football This writer does not understand that Sanders was the driving force behind Hunter’s return after less than a month away; Hunter himself seemed angry at the idea of ​​enjoying a vacation during the Buffs’ bye week. “Get to work,” Hunter said, when asked about his pre-week plans. “I took a break three weeks ago. I don’t need a vacation, I don’t need a vacation.” This sounds like someone who would be against Oregon if given the chance.

   A player like Hunter always has the final say on whether he plays or not, and to think that Sanders would force him to play is silly.

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