Alex Rodriguez’s honest reaction as he’s really angry with the Yankees

Alex Rodriguez’s honest reaction to the New York Yankees not putting his jersey back on How does Alex Rodriguez feel about the Yankees not retiring his jersey? Although Alex Rodriguez helped the New York Yankees win the World Series in 2009, the team decided not to retire his number 13 jersey.

   Instead, they recently gave that number to outfielder Joey Gallo. A move that shocked Alex Rodriguez, but he never talked about it. The former star third baseman totaled 351 runs in 12 seasons with the Yankees. He has a total of 696 career home runs, making him one of five players in MLB history to hit those numbers.

   In another scenario, Alex Rodriguez will have his jersey retired by every MLB club he has represented during his career. But lingering outfield issues were more than enough for the Yankees to decide against it. Alex Rodriguez is upset with the Yankees Although he had a truly stellar career in Major League Baseball, Alex Rodriguez is unfortunately mostly remembered for his PED scandal.

   He was suspended for 162 games for using performance-enhancing substances, and that was all the Yankees needed to keep his jersey from being retired. In a recent interview on Evan Tiki’s show on WFAN-AM in New York, Rodriguez was asked about this.

   Here’s what he said about it: “It didn’t make me happy. Yeah, of course it bothers me. It’s less of a fight, but of course it would be nice to be recognized in one of the greatest places in Yankees history. But it’s not mine decision.” Alex Rodriguez was suspended in 2014, but that wasn’t the only reason the Yankees decided not to retire his number.

   As an MLB analyst, Rodriguez criticized the team on several occasions. In addition, he recently famously knocked out other MLB stars who also used PEDs to shorten their sentences. In Yankees history, they have retired a total of 22 jersey numbers and honored 24 players.

   Alex Rodriguez is not one of those famous names. It remains to be seen if he ever reaches that prestigious list of names.

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