Helmut Marko expands on his ultimatum to Checo Perez

Helmut Marko expands on his ultimatum to Checo Perez

It has been a hectic few days in Helmut Marko‘s life, and this time it was not because of some attack he made on Sergio Perez, but because of the rumor of his retirement from Formula 1.

Last week, O Globo reported that the 80-year-old Austrian was weakening in his position as Red Bull’s sporting advisor; however, it is false, according to Marko himself.

In an interview for OE24 Sport, the Graz native said he was surprised by the information that came out regarding his departure from the energy drinks team.

At the moment I’m fine, contrary to many assumptions. But I have to disappoint people who are pessimistic and throw bad vibes,” he said.

In view of this, Helmut Marko insisted that there will be no meeting at Red Bull to define his future, since he has control until 2024, whilst he pointed out that no one will decide for him, not even the team principal who allegedly would have asked for his departure from the team.

“No idea where that information came from so there will be no summit this week. I have a contract until the end of next year. I decide when and how to stop; it is my decision, and not, for example, that of Mr. Christian Horner”.

According to the Brazilian media, there will be readjustment in the Red Bull structure, so the Austrian is aware that he could be one of the sacrificed.

Marko said: “Because of the new order, after the death of Dietrich Mateschitz a year ago, everything is different. People are trying to redefine their powers.”

On the other hand, Helmut Marko referred to the alleged final wake-up call that the Mexican driver would receive from Red Bull if he does not obtain the runners-up position.

“This is all just speculation. Like Sergio Perez‘s [speculation], there is no ultimatum for Checo. I think we are winning too much with him and incredible things are coming out of it.”

Given this, the Austrian asked to remove the spotlight on the Mexican, and instead highlighted what his teammate is doing than the three-time F1 champion: “We must value much more the performance of Max Verstappen, that is the extraordinary thing right now.”

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