Stella has uncovers Piastri’s ‘remarkable’ F1 trait

Oscar Piastri was a strong performer during McLaren’s rookie campaign and was praised by team principal Andrea Stella.

   McLaren team principal Andrea Stella highlighted the “very remarkable” quality of Oscar Piastri this year. Piastri enjoyed a successful rookie campaign with the Woking outfit after sitting out last season as Alpine’s back-up driver.

   At the Japanese GP, Piastri earned his first career podium, crossing the line in third place behind teammate Lando Norris, before securing victory in the Qatar Grand Prix sprint. He takes a very controlled approach. He is fast, but tries to make sure he doesn’t go too far using the car, but learns to run on the run.

   “We see that the development is always quite consistent, to the point where it was P2 in qualifying, which is quite remarkable given that Suzuka is an unforgiving track, you know, it’s an old-school track, it’s tight.” from places where you turn over 250 km/h and hope the car will do what you want. And he was really fast in those places. “So it’s very remarkable what he’s been able to achieve so far, certainly in terms of straight-line speed.”

   “We saw at the competition that there is still work to be done to achieve the consistency needed to stay there,” Stella admitted. – He himself said directly from the car that he was actually more focused on this element than the fact that he was on the podium. But we appreciate it. “It just shows commitment

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