What was Verstappen’s best drive or performance this year?

What was Verstappen’s best drive or performance this year?

CM: Zandvoort. There were many weekends where Verstappen had small challenges to deal with but the weather that hit that race was enough to trip anyone up. He’s been so impressive in all conditions, but it was almost like the rain was trying to beat him, with the late red flag giving Fernando Alonso a sniff and the pressure of doing it all in front of his home fans. And even then, he never put a wheel out of line at any point.

DT: In terms of what it said about his challenge for the year, I’d say Miami. At that time Sergio Perez looked a potential threat, but after starting only ninth after an error on one Q3 run and then Charles Leclerc’s crash, Max came blasting through to catch, pass and destroy the Mexican in the race. The psychological damage he inflicted there on his closest potential rival influenced the rest of the season and effectively eliminated what little opposition he had to face.

WB: Take your pick. There have been so many magnificent, faultless performances this season. It’s only fair, I think, to go with the drive the man himself rates as his finest and that’s Miami. Ninth on the grid to a dominant win on a circuit where passing is notoriously tricky, he was brilliant that Sunday afternoon. It is the race that gave him the most satisfaction, and so it’s the one I’d have to pick.

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