Patrick Mahomes’ father tells Marshawn Lynch an unforgettable story about his Welcome to MLB” moment from Ken Griffey Jr.

  Patrick Mahomes has probably heard this classic line countless times. Patrick Mahomes is not the first great athlete in his family.

   His father, Patrick Mahomes Sr. played 11 seasons in professional baseball and had many stories to tell the future NFL MVP of his year. In a conversation with Marshawn Lynch in Kansas City, Mahomes told one of the best stories: a rookie season with Ken Griffey Jr. which did not go as planned. 

   Ken Griffey Jr. taught Pat Mahomes a lesson Rewind to September 8, 1992 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s the sixth inning and the Twins are up 2-0 on Rockies fireballer Pat Mahomes. “I’m sitting in the dugout talking to my arm,” Mahomes recalls. “These mothers ———————————————- —follow with you. None of them!” He has already gone two no-hitters in the Seattle Mariners lineup, including a no-hitter against Griffey. “I hit three more (fastballs) off him.

   I jumped on the hill and said, “Get used to it, mother —–!” Mahomes told Beast Model in an interview. When “The Kid” came up with his third strike in the sixth, he didn’t let Mahomes do it again. He stepped into the box with the bases loaded and drove the Pats’ first pitch deep into the upper deck for a grand slam to give the Mariners a 4-2 lead and stared down Mahomes as he rounded the bases. Welcome to the league, bugger. 

   I go back to the dugout and (Kirby Puckett) said, ‘Boy, you’re going to learn.’ In this game, you let a sleeping dog lie down.

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