Deion Sanders’ ridiculous meltdown against Colorado:

I just didn’t like how I felt at halftime This is a game that will go down in history for both programs Colorado coach Deion Sanders, left, talks with quarterback Shedeur Sanders.

Deion Sanders was uncomfortable, up 29-0 at halftime. Maybe not the worst collapse in Colorado history with a rocky start, but rocky nonetheless. Stanford coach Troy Taylor didn’t really change anything but watched as the Cardinal continued the biggest comeback in school history. In a late night thriller – the game started on Friday the 13th and finished on Saturday the 14th – it’s a game that will be etched in the history of both shows.

   Joshua Karty kicked a 31-yard field goal in the second overtime, Elic Ayomanor had a school-record 294 yards and Stanford beat Colorado 46-43 early Saturday. “It’s a special game for these guys to stay down 29 against a really good football team and not quit,” Taylor said. “We enjoy it.” Not so for the Buffaloes, who were the biggest upsets in school history. The old mark was 28, set in Kansas on November 6, 2010. Sanders also sensed that something was wrong. A little self-righteousness just creeps in. “I talked to them about the old clichés that people say – it’s 0-0, but it’s not true. It’s not 0-0, it’s 29 – nothing,” said the Colorado coach. “I felt complacent at halftime because we stopped on offense and gave up yards as well. I just didn’t like how I felt going in at halftime. We go back and here comes satisfaction. Here comes the team I can’t stand what you can’t stand. You don’t understand how the hell this is happening to us. But it happened.”

   Stanford safety Gilman picked off a soaring Shedeur Sanders pass in the end zone to set up Karty, who also drilled a 46-yarder with no time left in regulation. “It was a stupid play,” Shedeur Sanders said of his mistake. “I just threw up.” The Cardinal (2-4, 1-3 Pac-12) trailed 29-0 at halftime when QBs Justin Lamson and Ashton Daniels didn’t start. That is, until the second half, when Daniels, with help from Lamson, led Stanford to eight straight field goals. The Cardinal gained 408 of their 523 yards in the second half and OT. Daniel threw for 396 yards and four TDs. Ayomanor had 13 catches — all after halftime — and three TDs, one on the game-tying first overtime — a remarkable catch — and the other on a game-changing 97-yarder. His 294 yards broke the school record held by Troy Walters (278) in 1999 against UCLA. In the game that started at 8:20 p.m., he committed 17 penalties for 127 yards. local time and ended at 12:21 p.m. Deion Sanders was still trying to figure out what happened in his postgame press conference. “I don’t remember being 29-0 and losing a football game since I was young,” Sanders said. “Not really. It’s a little hard for me.”

    Shedeur Sanders passed for 400 yards and five touchdowns and had a team-leading 37 yards. He and the Buffaloes (4-3, 1-3) clicked early and built a huge lead. It looked over. It wasn’t. “We just have to move on. That’s life,” Deion Sanders said. “We didn’t expect that. … We can’t sit back and have a pity party.” Two-way standout Travis Hunter returned after missing three games late in the Colorado State game that sent him to the hospital with a liver injury. He had 13 catches for 140 yards and two scores. He also had five hits. “His plays kept us in the game,” Sanders said. Deion Sanders, who ran the game, said on his weekly radio show that late kicks are “the dumbest thing ever invented.” It was the Buffaloes’ second late double of the season at Folsom Field. The first was successful when the Buffaloes beat Colorado State 43-35.

   This time Stanford rallied. “Right now, we’re not ready right now,” Sanders said. “Some of our players are not there right now to play the game.” TAKEAWAY Stanford: The Cardinal snapped a seven-game conference skid. Colorado: Defense remains an issue. Buffaloes give almost 36 points in the match.

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