FIA president banned suggestions Andretti’s F1 bid could end up in court

The FIA ​​president addressed concerns that Andretti’s disqualification could increase tensions between the governing body and Formula 1 management.

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has “no fear” of taking the F1 grid from Andretti and dismissed any suggestion the bid could go to court.

   The F1 governing body recently approved Andretti Formula Racing LLC’s application to join the F1 grid from 2025 at the earliest, taking it to the final stage of the joining process. Having passed the technical and sporting requirements, Andretti has now moved into Phase 3, where it plans to start “commercial discussions” with Formula 1 management (FOM).

   Ty expressed concerns that if Andretti is not approved by the FOM, it could end up in the hands of EU antitrust authorities. When RacingNews365 asked about the future timelines for this process, Ben Sulayem told the media: “FOM has all the time for them [Andreti], I can’t pressure them or tell them what to do. “I respect everything they do does , I will never interfere with their activities. At the same time, I don’t like anyone interfering in our jurisdiction. “Other teams have already received letters saying we can’t [advance].”

   Ben Sulayem stated that the board made sure to keep records in case the EU case came to light. “The FIA ​​team worked hard until I told them: ‘Remember, we have to be transparent,'” he added. So I have no fear Ben Sulayem: We don’t want to go to court The FIA ​​president rejected any suggestion that Andretti’s entry could be challenged in court, despite earlier tensions between the governing body and the FOM when the bid was announced.

   “We don’t have to go to court, I don’t think any of us will go to court,” said Ben Sulayem. “Maybe it sounds very exciting and exciting for the media, but we will not go to court. I am sure of it. Why should we go to court? “This marriage [between the FIA ​​​​and FOM], I’ already said it before and I’ll say it again: I think the Vatican Pope can marry and divorce 100 times, but we can’t.

   “The owners can change tomorrow, Liberty Media can sell, but the FIA ​​and Liberty go to court? We will not allow that. It is not even discussed. Add value to Formula 1 Andretti would be the second American team after Haas to join the grid, and the team plans to significantly expand operations at its brand new racing headquarters in Fishers, Indiana. Its entry, along with General Motors and its Cadillac brand, will also bring more exposure to a market that F1 has dominated for the past few years from one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.

   Banning them could be seen as increasing political tensions between the FIA ​​and FOM, but Ben Sulayem believes it will only benefit F1. “It will not be divided between us, we have not put FOM in a strange situation,” he explained. “Our goal is to add value to the sport and make OEMs. We challenged Andretti and said for the first time, ‘No, unless you have someone [OEM] with you.’ “Then they came back with the OEM and that [decision] was made together with the FIA ​​and the FOM. “So I don’t see that it is a problem between us and the FOM in this matter.

   We do not force ourselves to them and we do not FOM [ourselves]. “I mean, I was happy to see [the fan poll] and 84% said they’d like to see another team.”

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