Addo Carr meets with club officials about future, and who can resolve the issue

It is understood the Bulldogs are unhappy with him due to some off-field issues in the NRL. Canterbury Bulldogs winger Josh Addo-Carr will sit down for a meeting with Bulldogs representatives on Friday that could decide his rugby league future.

   It comes after concerns grew over his future at the Belmore club. Although Addo-Carr is a fan favorite, he is rumored to have received mixed reviews within the four walls of the kennel, where some love him but others expect more from him as a senior leader. Wide World of Sport reported that Addo-Carr and his management will meet with Phil Gould (Bulldogs general manager of football) to resolve his situation.

   According to the publication, sources close to Addo-Carri believe he is unhappy with the support the Bulldogs have given him since the Koori Knockout saga. It is understood by the publication that the Bulldogs are said to be unhappy with Addo-Carr due to a number of issues away from the NRL field. For the most part, they are reportedly unhappy with his behaviour at the Koori Knockout and a subsequent post on his social media page.

   The talented representative winger shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “One struggle, one fight” alongside the Palestine and Aboriginal flags. “As a proud First Nations man, I saw a message of support against displacement and land rights, and I shared this without full consideration to, or understanding of, the current events happening overseas. “I recognise that this is a mistake. As soon as it was pointed out, I deleted my post and regretted it. “When we left and I looked at what happened abroad, the situation was complicated.

   There are no victors in war and no victims. The message I thought I would share was respect for all people. “That’s the message I want to share now. Respect; respect each other and each other’s culture.” “I understand that I am a public figure and someone that young children especially like, and I want to do better. I want to be a good role model for them, for the sport and for my culture, he continued. “That’s why.

   I want to acknowledge this mistake and recent actions, sincerely apologize and ask that we try to treat each other with respect. “As the situation abroad is ongoing, complex and emotional, I will not comment further at this time. My thoughts are with everyone. those affected

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