F1’s biggest problem in Qatar revealed

There were a number of controversial incidents during the recent Formula 1 weekend in Qatar, but Frederic Vasseur highlighted the biggest.
Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur believes the biggest problem at the Qatar Grand Prix weekend was the F1 track boundary dispute.

   Several riders commented that they expected the course’s boundaries to be a major sticking point ahead of the three-day race. Several laps were removed during qualifying when drivers put all four wheels over the white lines, and this remained a problem throughout the race as several drivers received time penalties – including Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly, who collected 15-second time penalties. age Perez complained about FIA officials’ manipulation of the track restrictions, claiming that the track was narrowed at Turns 12, 13 and 14 due to concerns about pavement and tire response and because he had little time to get used to it.

   Vasseur path boundary problem Speaking to the media, about the tires that were in contention when the maximum 18 laps per set of tires were enforced, Vasseur stressed:

   “For me the tire situation is one thing, but I would say the biggest problem for I’m the track this weekend. “Going to Spielberg, you know you’re going to have problems with track limits, and we had problems with track limits. “You get the results two hours after the race. When we came before the weekend, we told them exactly the same thing, ‘it will be a festival’ – and it was a festival.

   “Other than that, I think the drivers can. focus at the end. Some of the guys, the last 10 rounds, struck out every round. “You can’t blame them in this situation, we have to find a solution. “It’s not even good for the show. At least the hole on the wall has the number of hits, you can follow the story, know where you are and so on. “But I think about the guys in front of their TV.

   They don’t care about strikes and at some point they see Gasly five seconds [penalty], Gasly ten seconds, Gasly 15 seconds. “We have to think about that as well, I think we can foresee such a problem.”

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