Despite the hell of the Qatar GP, Ocon would rather kill than retire

Esteban Ocon was one of the many drivers who battled the heat in the cockpit during the Qatar GP. Alpine racer Esteban Ocon insisted “you have to kill me before I retire” after a hellish ride at the Qatar GP.

   Hot weather prevailed in Qatar over the weekend, with temperatures often exceeding 35 degrees Celsius. Competition increased when a maximum of 18 laps per tire compound was introduced due to concerns about the reaction of the rubber to the pavement.

   The drivers were able to push harder due to tire wear, so the constant fast laps combined with the heat created difficult conditions behind the wheel. Ocon specified that he vomited under his helmet at the start of the GP, while Williams driver Logan Sargeant withdrew from the race due to feeling unwell.

   Speaking to media as well as newsgistdaily after the race, Ocon confirmed that he had never experienced such adverse conditions before. “In Jeddah, it feels like a definite push from start to finish,” he said. “But I’ve never felt anything like it. “It was so hot that I wanted to open the visor right away, because there was no air. “I also tried to direct the air into the helmet with my hand, because the more I breathed to take everything off, the more heat entered the helmet.

   It was hell. But next year we’re [later], so it should be better.” Asked if he was tempted to retire despite his ill health, Ocon said: “No. “You have to kill me before I retreat. It’s true.”

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