Brundle reacts to ‘misleading’ health concerns at Qatar GP

A Sky Sports F1 commentator expressed his concern for the drivers after many criticized the handling of the Qatar GP.

   Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle has reacted to the difficult conditions facing drivers during the Qatar GP.

   Several drivers complained of extreme heat in their cockpits during the race due to the wet conditions and mandatory 18 laps. Drivers usually have to manage their tires over two shifts, leading to breathers between fast laps.

   However, the mandatory tire length imposed by the FIA ​​due to tire safety concerns meant that they effectively ran qualifying laps throughout the race. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc described the race as one of the “toughest” of his F1 career, while several others admitted to passing out or throwing up behind the wheel – with Williams’ Logan Sargeant retiring due to illness.

   Brundle, who has raced both F1 and sports cars, recalled the days of his career when the temperature rose on X, formerly known as Twitter. “It will be impressive to see how the F1 drivers deal with these conditions in Qatar,” Brundle wrote.

   “I was so hot in the Le Mans/Daytona24/F1 car that my head can spin behind the wheel and when the adrenaline wears off and the heat sinks in, I just can’t get out of my body, it hurts. so much.”

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