MLB Playoffs: Phillies dominate Atlanta for first top-five, seizes control of NL Division Series

The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the local Atlanta Braves 3-0 The MLB playoffs began with big upsets, including the first NL Division Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves at Truist Park, where Bryce Harper’s home run tied Game 3. Bryce Harper showed what he was made of in a critical moment in the first game of the first round of the playoffs against the Braves, who finished the season with 104 wins, the most in the entire MLB 2023 season and a team that was unstoppable in the season, in the year.

   The two teams met a year ago when the Phillies took the Braves by storm and advanced to the next round and then reached the World Series, only to lose to the Astros, who also won their first game in the NL Division Series against the Minnesota Twins . . The Braves averaged 5.8 runs per game during the regular season This best of five series will put pressure on the Braves as they need to turn this great season into a ticket to the World Series, and based on today’s performance, they have their work cut out for them.

   We still haven’t seen the regular season performance of the Braves, where they hit an MLB record 307 home runs and averaged 5.8 runs per game, only to be undone by the Phillies’ Bryce Harper’s terrible swing.

   It’s the first time in five months the Braves have gone without a run and the first time in as many games they’ve faced a tough situation, such as the 8th inning when catcher’s interference caused confusion and fanfare. threw garbage in the field.

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