Oscar Piastri is a snake”: Lando Norris experiences massive betrayal from a teammate

Oscar Piastri is a snake”: Lando Norris experiences massive betrayal from a teammate before hitting the road, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastr did it well, because the progress of the team this season is the only goal.

   But ahead of a fun day with the McLaren boys, Norris feels betrayed by his teammate Oscar Piastr, as he revealed in his recent vlog before they face each other on track. Norris, Piastri and Zak Brown joined Ricky Flynn’s racing team in Italy just before the Italian GP. And Norris revealed that it has been a long time since he has been involved in karting. On the other hand, he was not happy with his teammate. According to him, the Australian racer had some activity with the bike and felt a little betrayed by it.

   Lando Norris calls Oscar Piastr a snake Norris claimed it had been a while since he was racing a vehicle. So he felt a little rusty. But he said that was not the case with Piastr, who has been quite sharp in his recent games with the team. “Oscar [Piastri] tested. Oscar [Piastri] was a little snake. He tested our PF. He tried a few different tracks. So hot, he’s ready,” Norris said.

   Norris then said that’s why he’s on the back foot. But that should not be an excuse, and they will definitely go karting. Advertising The battle with flat cars Norris raced against Piastri and Brown and the race began with a practice session where the Australian racer overtook both opponents. Coming into the next session of their mini-Grand Prix series, however, it was time for qualifying, and Norris was ahead of Piastr by almost a third. With that, Norris grabbed the pole position and it was an extreme race.

   And it was obvious that it was between two people, because Brown is nowhere near the skills of either driver, even though he was the driver. In the end, Norris won the race by a reasonable margin over his younger teammate.

   This is certainly something that Norris would not like to see reflected in F1 races.

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