MLB Playoffs 2023: Which Teams Made it to the MLB Playoffs?

The MLB playoffs begin on Tuesday with 12 teams competing for the 2023 World Series.

   The MLB playoffs begin on Tuesday The MLB regular season is in the rearview mirror and October has brought the excitement of postseason baseball. Fans across the country are gearing up for the 2023 MLB Playoffs, and the stage is set for intense matchups as teams battle it out for the ultimate World Series honor. As the final games of the regular season progress, five teams confirmed their playoff spots Saturday night.

   A thrilling race to make the playoffs culminated with the Astros rallying to overtake the Rangers and secure the AL West title. After the dust settles, the 2023 MLB postseason officially begins this Tuesday with four exciting Wild Card Series games: Rays against guards Twins vs. Blue Jays Phillies vs. Marlins Brewers vs. Diamondbacks Before the start of the season, the seven teams’ playoff tickets were punched well ahead of what fans affectionately call the “Clinchapalooza.” The Braves, Dodgers, Orioles, Rays, Twins, Brewers and Phillies showcased their talent and secured coveted playoff spots. Between them, the Braves, Dodgers, Orioles and Astros won the bonus, which puts them directly in the LDS (League Division Series) starting Saturday, October 7th.

   MLB Playoff Bracket The 2023 MLB postseason format has seen significant changes from previous years. In 2022, Major League Baseball introduced a revamped postseason structure that expands both the pool of participating teams and the exciting Wild Card round. There are now 12 teams in the playoff-style postseason, split equally between the American and National Leagues. This marks an increase from the 10-team model of previous seasons.

   These 12 teams include three division winners from each league and three Wild Card teams per league. The postseason begins with the Wild Card series, with the third-seeded teams facing off against the sixth-seeded teams and the fourth-seeded teams locking horns for fifth. The top two in each league will be awarded with accolades that send them straight to the division series and provide a well-deserved breather before their playoff journey really begins.

   Here’s a look at the top six teams in both rankings to secure a playoff spot in 2023: American League: Baltimore Orioles (101-61) – Guaranteed home field advantage across the league. Houston Astros (90–72) Minnesota Twins (87–75) Tampa Bay Rays (99-63) Texas Rangers (90–72) Toronto Blue Jays (89–73) National League: Atlanta Braves (104-58) – Claim home field advantage during the playoffs. Los Angeles Dodgers (100–62) Milwaukee Brewers (92–70) Philadelphia Phillies (90–72) Miami Marlins (84–77) Arizona Diamondbacks (84–78)

   When the playoffs begin, the baseball world is filled with anticipation. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds as these elite teams compete for a chance at World Series glory

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