Curt Schilling infuriates everyone, by revealing Tim Wakefield’s brain cancer diagnosis

Curt Schilling infuriates everyone, by revealing Tim Wakefield’s brain cancer diagnosis without his consent,

Citing the “power of prayer,” he also disclosed Wakefield’s wife’s cancer diagnosis.

Since his retirement from the Major League Baseball, Curt Schilling has frequently been in the news for the incorrect reasons.
The range of controversial actions and remarks made by Schilling ranges from disseminating anti-transgender propaganda to sharing racist memes.

Schilling has done something unthinkable and unforgivable now, after what seemed to be a considerable amount of time where he wasn’t in the national spotlight.

The improper revelation from Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield, a former teammate of Schilling’s with the Boston Red Sox, has a “very serious, very aggressive form of brain cancer,” the former pitcher revealed on “The Curt Schilling Baseball Show.”.
Additionally, he used the occasion to disclose that Wakefield’s wife, Stacy, has pancreatic cancer.

Schilling even admitted that he wasn’t sure Wakefield wanted the information made public, but he still went ahead and did it.
He also stated that he did so because he had “seen prayer work,” which is another way of saying that he wanted people to know about it so they could pray for the Wakefield family.

Tim Wakefield is addressed in a Red Sox statement. Later, the Red Sox issued a statement on behalf of the Wakefields, mentioning that this was supposed to be kept a private matter.

Concerning Tim and Stacy Wakefield’s health, there have been a number of statements and questions.
Sadly, this information has been released to the public without their consent. Their health is an extremely private matter that they intended to keep private as they undergo treatment and attempt to combat this illness. Tim and Stacy respectfully request privacy at this time and are appreciative of the love and support that have always been shown to them.

Everyone was rightfully incensed by Schilling’s actions. The spouse of Jason Varitek, a teammate of Schilling and Wakefield, launched a ferocious attack on Schilling.

Curt Schilling, you had no business doing that! Negative comments about Schilling are once again rife on social media.

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