F1’s governing body opened up a process for interested parties

Abandoned F1 team demands FIA approve Andretti Rodin Cars was one of a handful of potential teams hoping to join F1 in its current partnership with junior racing team Carlin.

   Rodin Cars has revealed that its bid to enter F1 has been rejected by the FIA ​​and believes Andretti is the only successful candidate. In January, the governing body of F1 opened the process of submitting requests to join the network for those interested, and several responses were received.

   These included Andretti Cadillac Racing, Hitech Grand Prix, Rodin Carlin, Asian start-up LKY SUNZ and Craig Pollock-backed Formula Equal. The FIA ​​has been investigating the applications and their feasibility for approval, although no official decisions have yet been announced. FIA sanctioned teams are not guaranteed a place in the table as commercial and financial terms have yet to be agreed with the Commercial Rights Requirement (CRH), which is F1 itself [Liberty Media].

   In a statement confirming the team’s disqualification, Rodin founder David Dicker said: “We would like to emphasize that it is not our intention to criticize the FIA ​​or call for a review of its decision,” the statement said. “We fully respect and accept the outcome.

   Our only intention is to release information that we believe is in the public interest to inform the Formula 1 community.” Rodin also highlighted the fact that the partnership with Carlin made possible the path of junior formulas to F1, but the FIA ​​apparently decided that the project did not meet the strict criteria set for the entry process. But hinting at Andretti’s contribution, the statement continued:

   “We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the FIA ​​process and wish Andretti the best of luck. “Rodin Cars remains committed to pushing the boundaries of motorsport and continues to achieve excellence in the world of racing.”

   Chadwick Designs The team, which planned to build and build its cars in New Zealand – leaving the current 10 teams which are all based in Europe – has hinted at talks with Ferrari about a possible engine training package, although that is unclear. how distant negotiations progressed. Rodin also announced a commitment to reserve one seat for a female driver – and named Jamie Chadwick directly.

   The three-time W-Series champion and current Indy NXT pilot was the best candidate for the position, the team said, and that “if he was available, we wouldn’t hesitate to put him in.”

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