Vasseur: “Conservative Ferrari so afraid” to raise 2023 limit to maximum

Team manager Frederic Vasseur felt that the team had solved one of the main problems with the SF-23 during the Suzuka race. Ferrari were “afraid” to field their drivers during the Japanese GP due to a key weakness that affected the SF-23 throughout the season.

   The team finished fourth and sixth in the race, with Carlos Sainz missing a few extra laps in the second session when they experienced less than expected tires on the day, being the third fastest car behind Max Verstappen and the McLarens.    
   Sainz admitted the team played it safe when they used a mixed strategy in the race to cover Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. That sentiment was echoed by boss Frederic Vasseur when the team was hit by tire problems.

   Team principal Frederic Vasseur shared similar sentiments, “It was a step forward compared to the start of the season. But on the other hand, we were probably a little too conservative,” he said. “It was true for everyone involved in the competition that we were more afraid than reality.

   But it was okay, it was under control the whole race and we think we took a good step forward.” Ferrari improves tire control Ferrari did a lot of tuning work at Zandvoort and Monza to understand their car package, which is partly why they ended Red Bull’s winning streak in Singapore.

   Vasseur believes the team has worked hard to understand some of the limitations of their current package, which has led to better tire management during races. “If you look at the first races of the season, tire control was not always our greatest skill,” he explained.

   So coming into Suzuka with these track temperatures, we were a little bit in danger, but at the end of the day I think we did a good job on that side. “The strategy was well managed and we did well, so a clear step. up from the start of the season.

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