Basketball is back in Boston, the young star is set to anchor the team’s quest for glory in the East.

Celtics player Jayson Tatum tests if his son Deuce’s jersey fits Kevin Hart Tatum went on the Harts show to talk basketball and the new season Basketball is back in Boston and leading the way is none other than Jayson Tatum as he prepares for seven seasons with the Celtics.

The young star is set to anchor the team’s quest for glory in the East, but fans and players alike are getting used to the new lineup. Kristaps Porzingis joined the ranks, while familiar faces Marcus Smart and Grant Williams bowed out, showing a strategic recalibration after last season’s Eastern Conference Finals run. Amid the anticipation of fall, Tatum did the preseason media. The highlight of that round was his performance at the season premiere of Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls.

Hart, who is dealing with back-to-back injuries, had a heartfelt and insightful conversation with Tatum about the evolving Celtics roster. Tatum shared mixed feelings — excitement about Porzingis’ potentially more dynamic offense and the sentimental void left by Smart and Grant. However, the discussion was not only focused on team dynamics and strategies; it had its share of frivolous moments.

Tatum surprised Hart with a gift, a jersey that belonged to his son Deuce. Later laughter, when Hart humorously tried on a well-fitting shirt, led to a viral moment in the conversation.

Hart, a longtime Sixers fan, couldn’t resist his team challenging the Celtics for a championship, especially in a James Harden scenario. Tatum replied in a playful yet direct voice, “Do they?” As the Celtics prepare to navigate this season of change and potential, Tatum’s media appearances have offered fans a glimpse into the team’s new dynamic, as well as a dose of comedy. The Celtics begin their road trip on October 25 when they open their season at Madison Square Garden against New York.

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