Piastri is in the ‘perfect’ position to emulate Senna Prost Suzuka crash

The McLaren driver recalled Suzuka’s most infamous moment after starting second.

   Oscar Piastri felt he was in the “perfect position” to repeat the famous collision between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost at the start of the Japanese GP. From second, Piastri looked to the inside of pole-sitter Max Verstappen on the fast right-hander of Suzuka’s Turn 1, but backed off to let team-mate Lando Norris through as well.

   The trio would finish in that order, with McLaren taking their first double victory of the season and Piastri making his first visit to a Grand Prix but admitting that he is in the best possible position to repeat the fierce championship of 1990. rivals Senna and Prost. Senna regretted that the Pole Position was not on the left side of the track when the driver looked at it, and Prost got the advantage and the race line.

   Senna sprinted away but Prost took the lead and the lead as Senna tried to break through on the inside. What followed was predictable when they collided with Prost, who did not give Senna the world title. Only later did Senna admit that it was on purpose after a controversial decision at Suzuka in 1989 when Prost firmly shut the door on the McLaren sister at the chicane.

   Senna “won” but was disqualified because he received a push pass from the judges and cut off Kiika along with FISA leader Jean-Marie Balestre, who he knew preferred compatriot Prost. Piastri had a Senna Prost flashback “Well, looking back on it now, I was in the perfect position to emulate Senta and Prost, literally perfect. It’s true,”

   “But no, I saw that I had a good start, I was a little too excited on the accelerator in the second part of the start and I knew at that moment that I it is not not close enough to Max. “I saw Lando coming from the outside. So yeah, I think settling for third was definitely the safest choice at that point. – I just wasn’t fast enough at certain points in the race.

   “These high-level competitions are probably the biggest thing I have to try at the moment. I think it’s still quite fresh for me, of course. “All the junior competitions before this don’t have competitions like this. “So the only way you can learn from it is just by doing the races, so if I were to do the race again, I’d do a few things a little bit differently.

   “But it’s all part of learning, I’m glad to know we can finish on the podium, although I feel there’s more to come.”


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