A respected national author reveals Spurs’ best-kept secret

A respected national author reveals Spurs’ best-kept secret. In the movie Man of Steel, Clark Kent’s adoptive father realized that the world was not ready to see his son’s talents.

   Growing up as a man, Kent remained hidden, but when you can do the impossible and dangerous situations arise, his moral compass forced him to put his biggest secret on the line to help others.

  Later someone was discovered doing superhuman things and Lois Lane appeared in Smallville to investigate and reveal the existence of Superman to the world.

   “Vassell’s growth as a player has gone completely unnoticed. He is an incredible mid-range shooter. He has a lot more ability in the game than people realize. I don’t think the NBA fanbase at large has realized what this guy has done over the last two years.”

    Zach Lowe Fans can rest assured that an organization known for maximizing the potential of exceptional youth will do its part to mold Vassell into a top player. The Georgian is responsible for exploiting the talents hidden beneath the surface that will lead him to fame.

   However, if his progress so far is any indication, Devin is more than ready to put in the work. Go tell the world he’s coming. Let them prepare.

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