A.J. Brown declines issues after speaking with Jalen Hurts on Thursday After pictures of Brown in a heated conversation with Jalen Hurts,

The WR explained it During the Thursday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings, a heated exchange between wide receiver A.J. Brown and quarterback Jalen Hurts.

   They seemed to really get into each other because of what happened during the game. The incident immediately went viral on the Internet, and people began to wonder if the cause of this problem was something more serious than just a momentary nuclear bomb. On Friday, Brown spoke to Martin Frank of the Delaware New Journal about the incident. The WR was quick to let people know that this was an isolated incident and it doesn’t mean he can’t get along with his quarterback. He said: “High conversation, I want you all to know that it was what it was, a conversation. It’s a game that we both love and I want everyone to understand that sometimes emotions get in the way and that’s what happened. It’s not happening. . It’s not. 

   What does it mean it’s the end of the world. It doesn’t mean I’m fighting with Jalen. And no, it wasn’t about the goals. I’m sure everyone thought so because he threw the ball three times in a row after me. But no, I wasn’t there to discuss goals. It was about something that happened earlier and we discussed it.

   AJ Brown on Jalen Hurts Sideline: “Sometimes emotions come first, That doesn’t mean I’m going through with Jalen. *laughs* And no, it wasn’t about the goals. I’m sure everyone thought so because he threw me the ball after 3 straight. But no, I wasn’t there Can Philadelphia bounce back from a nightmare year? The Philadelphia Eagles just completed a near perfect season in a heartbreaking year of sports for all Philly fans. At the beginning of the season in all professional sports, most of their teams got off to a great start and continued to gain victories. 

   Philadelphia Union lost to LAFC in MLS, The Phillies lost the MLB World Series to the Astros. In the NBA, the 76ers did not make it to the NBA Finals, and the Eagles lost the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

   Hopefully at least one of these sports can bounce back from a truly forgettable last year. Is that even possible? Jalen Hurts goes the extra mile to get AJ Brown the ball

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