POLE POSITION: “New racing in America is crazy, not just F1. They watch too much Netflix”: Bernie Ecclestone is still going strong at 92… and the former F1 supremo is as candid as ever!

Bernie Ecclestone says the F1 calendar should have 18 prestigious races, He also claims reigning world champion Max Verstappen is “the best driver of all time” We spoke to Bernie Ecclestone, who is packing for his next trip. He was on his way from Ibiza to the place he now calls home, Gstaad, Switzerland.

   In many ways, London is and always will be his truest home, and he will return, but for tax reasons he is limited to 90 days a year on terra firma, where he made his name and fortune and created the modern formula Ones. Putellas calls for zero tolerance for abuse as Spain squad gathers ahead of Nations League “I thought this was the only time I was going to leave in a coffin,” says Ecclestone, who will be 93 next month and has moved semi-permanently during Covid.

   He also knows where his Brazilian wife Fabiana, 46, and son Ace, three-year-old Alexander Charles Ecclestone, want to be. Pisike speaks English and Portuguese fluently and is learning German. I wonder if we can do some work – discuss Formula 1, the tour de force of the sport he has been involved in all his life.

   “Whatever you want,” he says. About the owners of Liberty Media: “I think 18 races is enough. We did 20 and I often thought it was a bit too much. Because you have to think about the teams. Soon they will have to hire twice as many employees. If there is 22 or 23 races, there are too many divorces. It’s a question of when.

   Bernie Ecclestone says the F1 calendar should have 18 prestigious races. Bernie Ecclestone says the F1 calendar should have 18 prestigious races “Former F1 supremo Ecclestone expresses concerns about American racing” Former F1 supremo Ecclestone has voiced his concerns about American racing This year’s Miami Grand Prix stars Tom Cruise and Shakira. This year’s Miami Grand Prix will feature stars Tom Cruise and Shakira

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