Red Bull’s rivals demanded consistency from the stewards after Verstappen’s light penalties

Teams want to see more consistency in the penalties given by FIA judges after Max Verstappen’s light penalties in Singapore.

   After Max Verstappen appeared to clear the barriers at the Singapore GP, Aston Martin wants to see more consistency in dealing with penalties. Verstappen was recalled by stewards after three separate incidents in qualifying, one of which blocked Yuki Tsunoda in the second quarter. But the Red Bull driver avoided all inquiries without receiving a grid drop, instead receiving two cautions and a €5,000 fine.

   However, some have shown other barriers earlier and drivers receiving triple-digit fines. According to the judges, neither Tsunoda nor a representative of the AlphaTauri team was present at the hearing, but that was because the FIA ​​did not make an official invitation to the team about the incident and AlphaTauri simply did not show up.

   Verstappen: I have good reasons for my actions Aston Martin performance director Tom McCullough believes FIA judges should be more consistent in handing out penalties. “The sides have all the information.

   Obviously it’s frustrating for us when you’re blocked, but we let the moderators do their job,” he told media including RacingNews365. “We just want consistency from event to event, that’s what the fans want, that’s what everybody wants, right?

   I think that’s a big question.” Asked about the allegations and the lack of consistency, Verstappen said: “I think I have very good explanations and reasons for my actions, not all cases are the same.”

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