Julio Urias disappears even among his closest Dodgers teammates

Julio Urias disappears even among his closest Dodgers teammates, No one seems to know where he went since the allegations  

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   Possible landing spots for Shohei Ohtani The mystery of MLB shortstop Julio Urias continues, as none of his Los Angeles Dodgers teammates really know where he went. The Mexican player is currently facing very serious domestic violence charges. Dealing with this situation, the Dodgers enjoyed being on the field. 

   Julio Urías ignores a press question with his girlfriend Daisy Perez The Los Angeles Dodgers won their eleventh straight National League West pennant to secure their bid to the 2023 Major League Baseball World Series.

   Urias was cut from the team a few weeks ago when the domestic violence allegations first surfaced, and everything has been very quiet since then. Reaction to Urijah’s claims Kike Hernandez, a Puerto Rican, reiterated that he had received no information other than what the media reported.

   “We don’t know anything, we know what you know and I’m as open as I can be. We know what’s out there and they haven’t told us because the team doesn’t know. The team is waiting to see what happens. Obviously, it was very unfortunate for us, for him and for the victim, and I hope we get some clarity here in the near future,” Hernandez said.

   The Los Angeles Dodgers are not expected to bring back the Aztecs pitcher, who is a free agent at the end of this major league season. When the allegations became public, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “I can’t say too much about it, I just know that we’re all as disappointed in that situation as the Mexican fans are, and I can’t get enough of it.

   .. As far as I know, I haven’t seen the video, like I said, I’m very saddened by this situation and we all have to face it,” Roberts said. “I was shocked, shocked and extremely disappointed

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