The WNBA has announced remarkable growth in attendance and viewership. Key highlights include:


🏀 A significant 156% rise in attendance, with over half of games sold out and 400,000 fans attending, filling arenas to 94% capacity.

🏀 Televised games on ABC and ESPN are averaging 1.32 million viewers, a substantial increase from last season.

🏀 WNBA Countdown is seeing a 211% viewership surge, with 741,000 viewers on average.

🏀 The online merchandise store has broken sales records, with a staggering 756% increase.

🏀 Social media channels have garnered 157 million video views, a 380% rise.

🏀 League Pass subscriptions have reached an all-time high, with a 355% increase.

These impressive numbers indicate a remarkable surge in popularity for the WNBA.

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