Why he was crying? I didn’t care” – Scottie Pippen showed no sympathy for John Paxson when he cried during an apology call

Why he was crying? I didn’t care” – Scottie Pippen showed no sympathy for John Paxson when he cried during an apology call

Having won three championships with Scottie Pippen during his time with the Chicago Bulls, John Paxson got along with his teammates during his playing days. However, his relationship with Pip changed after he assumed roles as the general manager and vice president of basketball operations for the Bulls.

Their relationship soured so much that Pippen revealed in his memoir ”Unguarded” how Paxson treated him as nothing more than a mascot, exploiting his name while he was on the payroll. The situation escalated to the point where the six-time NBA Champion remained unmoved despite John‘s tearful apology call.

Pippen had no sympathy for Paxson

Upon his hiring by Paxson, who had been the executive since 2003, Pippen realized that he had been brought on to represent the franchise’s glory days from the past and not have any meaningful input on the roster.

Then, in 2014, despite expectations of a more substantial role, the 7-time All-Star was relegated to scouting a dozen college games. Though he diligently filled out those scouting reports, Pippen never received any feedback from Paxson or any other member of the Bulls organization.

Realizing how he mistreated his former teammate, the 6’2″ point guard contacted Scottie via text, which initially brought satisfaction to the six-time championship. However, when Paxson called and tearfully apologized, Pippen remained unmoved by his emotional display.

“He began to cry. Not knowing how to respond, I waited for him to stop,” Pippen wrote. “Why he was crying? I couldn’t be sure, and honestly, I didn’t care. Before long, our chat was, mercifully, over.”

Pip was happy not being part of the Bulls’ 

During his appearance on The Thuzio Live & Unfiltered podcast in 2020, Pippen fired subtle shots at the Bulls organization, expressing his satisfaction with not being part of a team that failed to make the playoffs from 2018 to 2021. The 17-year veteran emphasized his desire to be associated with only a winning culture.

While Scottie was instrumental in Chicago’s success during their two three-peats, he had no intention of staying connected with the organization after retiring, mainly due to his unpleasant experiences. If the Bulls get back on the winning track in the future, Pippen and some other members of the 90s squad might be eager to join the front office.

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