Interesting:Celtics’ Kristaps Porzingis’ record-setting performance vs Thunder not even Larry Bird touched

Celtics’ Kristaps Porzingis’ record-setting performance vs Thunder not even Larry Bird touched

The Boston Celtics are steamrolling their way through the Eastern Conference en route to a big season. The Celtics currently rest at first place in the East and reinforced their dominance on Wednesday night with a 135-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, showing the power of veteran leadership against the Western Conference upstarts.

The win included a fantastic performance from ‘The Unicorn,’ Kristaps Porzingis, as the Celtics’ offense ran wild vs. Chet Holmgren’s team in Boston.

The win came amid a Jaylen Brown injury scare that had fans wondering prior to the matchup. Previously, the Celtics knocked off the Hornets in a game that led to a troll-job from Celtics star Jayson Tatum against a former teammate.

On Wednesday, Porzingis’ performances took precedence as the Celtics bombarded the Thunder from every angle, knocking them off with style and aplomb in Beantown.

Prozingis Carries the Water for Celts vs. Thunder

The Celtics’ performance still has people buzzing on Twitter due to their dominance over a contending team from America’s Great Plains. Coach Joe Mazzula’s team’s dominance is sending shockwaves throughout the NBA and Porzingis’ play is a big reason for it.

The Celtics Porzingis had a breathtaking stat line that even the great Celtics forward Larry Bird was never able to accomplish during his golden years with the team. Now, Joe Mazzulla‘s biggest reclamation project is rightfully getting the respect he deserves on Twitter and the rest of social media.

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