Biden Mocks Trump’s Golf Trophies At Glitzy Fund Raiser Hosted By Stephen Colbert

President Joe Biden took a shot at former President Donald Trump — and his claims of success on the golf course —during a glitzy fundraiser hosted by Stephen Colbert.

The DNC organized a massive fundraiser Thursday evening at Radio City Music Hall, trotting out the party’s biggest guns. Former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton joined Biden on stage and took questions from late-night host Colbert. NBC was able to access a private live stream of the event, a snippet of which was featured Friday morning on Morning Joe.

The clip featured Colbert setting Biden up by asking about Trump’s recent claims of winning championships at his own course, a boast that has come under scrutiny by many familiar with the 45th president’s game and his long history of exaggeration and, well, lies.

Colbert: Donald Trump, as far as we can tell, has just been trying to win a third championship at his own golf course. My question to you, sir, can voters trust a presidential candidate who has not won a single Trump International Golf Club trophy? At long last, sir, have you no chip shot?

Biden: Well, look, I’d be happy to play. I told him once before when he came into the Oval when he before you get sworn in, I said, ‘I’ll give you three strokes if you carry your own bag.

The audience laughed at the prospect of Trump — notorious for driving a golf cart onto a green — carrying his own bag. Coming out of the clip, Joe Scarborough exclaimed, “Can’t do that!
Watcha above via MSNBC.


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