F1 DAILY:Max Verstappen’s reaction to Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari leaked by Red Bull boss

The news of Lewis Hamilton’s impending move to Ferrari caused a huge stir across the F1 paddock.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has lifted the lid on how Max Verstappen reacted to the bombshell news that Lewis Hamilton will be joining Ferrari next year. The 39-year-old will leave Mercedes to drive for the Italian outfit in 2025, having signed a multi-year contract.
will be joining Ferrari next year. The 39-year-old will leave Mercedes to drive for the Italian outfit in 2025, having signed a multi-year contract.

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The news of Hamilton’s deal with Ferrari came as a huge surprise, with Toto Wolff admitting that he was only informed about it the day before it was announced. Marko was also left shocked by Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes, but Verstappen reacted in a different way upon hearing that his greatest rival was switching teams.

Marko offered an insight into the Dutchman’s response in an interview with OE24, saying: “He was just amused.”

Hamilton has already explained that he chose to join Ferrari in order to satisfy a ‘childhood dream’ of his, with the Brit hoping to win a record-breaking eighth world title in the famous red car. Marko went on to suggest that Mercedes’ decline over the last few years might have been a key factor in shaping Hamilton’s decision to end his 12-year partnership with the team.

“That completely surprised me too,” added Marko when quizzed on his own reaction to the news. “A sporting sensation, especially the timing. One wonders how this came about.

Mercedes was overtaken by Ferrari in the second half of 2023, and McLaren was also faster. Maybe Hamilton noticed something that the outside world doesn’t yet know. That doesn’t change anything for us, except that I see it as weakening Mercedes.
Whether it strengthens Ferrari remains to be seen. Overall, this has an incredible impact, right down to the stock market prices. It’s great that something is happening.

“Normally, in a situation like this, your mind is already more focused on the new team. The current team cannot let him take part in any serious innovations because he would, of course, take them with him. The whole thing is excellent for sports, better than Netflix.”

Hamilton was in attendance as Mercedes launched their new W15 challenger on Wednesday, describing his return to their Brackley base as ’emotional’ and ‘surreal’ following the news of his agreement with Ferrari.

“It’s obviously been emotional,” he said. “It’s very surreal to be here given I came here in 2013, so 11 years with the team, starting my 12th, and it is such a privilege to work with a group of people where you see the work they’re doing over winter.

“We go through this process over the last couple of years, you see a car come together at the beginning of the year. It’s the most exciting part of the season, really

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