T.Y. Hilton on Colts fans booing Andrew Good fortune in 2019: ‘Indy shouldn’t have did that’

When Andrew Luck was booed at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2019 amid his retirement news getting out, former Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton recently spoke about what could have been if fans hadn’t acted that way.

Hilton appeared on an episode of The Trenches with Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin and touched on several topics involving Luck.

“It hurt, bro,” Hilton said of the night Luck was booed. “It hurt. I know that it hurt him. We had talks. But that, it wasn’t right. Indy shouldn’t have did that.”

If the fans didn’t boo Luck, Hilton said the city would have had another “Luck sighting.”

“That’s what’s going to hurt them even more,” Hilton said. “I’m just saying if you didn’t send him off that way, we had talks. You might have gotten another Luck sighting. I’m just going to tell you that.”

After Luck retired, Hilton said he spoke with the former Colts quarterback about the 2019 season.

“When I talked to him I said, ‘I’m with you, bro. But you retired one year too early,'” Hilton said. “He had a line and everything. Best in football. … He had all the weapons around him to be successful. That was our year.”

Franklin wondered how Indianapolis could make it right with Luck.

“I think he already forgave them,” Hilton said.

Hall of famer: Former Colts pass rusher Dwight Freeney elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame for spin move ,Franklin said Luck isn’t one to hold grudges.”He’s the nicest person you’re ever going to meet,” Franklin said. “Does he still got his flip phone?”

He probably does but now he has kids,” Hilton said with a laugh. “You’ve got to take that picture.”

Franklin brought up the possibility of Luck being in the Colts’ Ring of Honor as a way of making things right with Luck.

“He definitely should be in the Ring of Honor,” Hilton said. “Things he did was just special. He took this city to new heights. Especially to pick off Peyton (Manning’s) shoes.”


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