ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit Sends a powerful message to Dylan Raiola and his father

Kirk Herbstreit urged Dylan Raiola to switch to Nebraska
ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit Sends a powerful message to Dylan Raiola and his father to ask about the possibility of him moving from Georgia to Nebraska.


Today is National Signing Day for college football, and it’s worth learning more about one of the biggest recruits of the year and the class coming out today. Dylan Raiola is one of the top prospects this cycle and has committed to Georgia. But shortly before National Signing Day, he switched to Nebraska, and being a popular voice in college football played a small part in that.

   Raiola and the father of #039; Dominic, told Rivals a story about what ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit called him when rumors began that Raiola would leave the Bulldogs. While that wasn’t the deciding factor in Raiolaand’s decision, Herbstreit was a big fan of coach Matt Rhule and his program. Here is what Raiola said in an interview with Rivais:

And I will quote the name of one person. His name is Kirk Herbstreit. When I saw what Dylan was doing to entertain Nebraska, he told me to call him, if that was true, I should do it. His commitment to Nebraska, his commitment to that guy telling me and following me, I knew I had to do it, but I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you have to change or something. It’s part of the location change. And when Kirk told me he was a character, other coaches reached out to say this place was special and Coach Rhule was special.

   Raiolaand’s decision to commit to Nebraska came as a surprise late in his enrollment. After joining the Bulldogs in the spring of 2023, the Raiola family decided to move to Georgia and enroll at Buford High School, a short drive from downtown Athens. It looked like it was all in on the Bulldogs, but Nebraska made one last push that put them on top.

A rough patch on Georgia’s recruiting trail, a big win for Nebraska, which is trying to put its program back on the map of college football programs. Fortunately for Georgia, they still signed Ryan Puglisi, another quarterback prospect in the 2024 recruiting class, but if they had gotten Raiola and Puglisi, the Bulldogsand#039 would have been set. The fourth room looks better than it does now..

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